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How Do I Apply Hoof Helper?
Applying Hoof Helper is easy and just takes a few seconds per hoof. Shake can well before each application, then use the brush included in the can to apply a light, thin coating to a clean and dry hoof wall (and optionally the sole and frog). As this is a premium, penetrating hoof oil, only a light coating is needed. If a lot of product runs down the hoof wall and drips off the hoof try applying a thinner coat.

For Problem Hooves:
Apply daily (if possible) for two months, then follow maintenance schedule.

For Hoof Maintenance:
May be applied daily. For best results, apply two to three times per week.

Is Shipping FREE?
Yes! All orders shipped to the Contiguous (lower 48) United States include FREE Shipping in accordance with our terms of service. We ship all packages with full tracking to ensure safe delivery. If you are from Canada please Click Here for our Canadian site.

Is Hoof Helper available in stores?
Hoof Helper is available for purchase online, through your farrier or from select retail outlets.

If your farrier or local supply store does not carry Hoof Helper, ask them to stock it by contacting us (by clicking HERE), and we’ll help them provide you with in-person sales of Hoof Helper. Click here to purchase online right now.

Where is Hoof Helper made?
We strongly believe in making our products locally, so all Hoof Helper branded products are made in Canada or the United States.

I’m a Farrier (or Retail Store), can I sell Hoof Helper directly to my clients?
Of Course! Simply contact us by clicking here and we’ll get you set up to provide Hoof Helper directly to your clients. We make retail sales of Hoof Helper easy and worthwhile for both large and small enterprises.

Can I use Hoof Helper if my horse has or is prone to getting thrush?
Yes, you can apply Hoof Helper if your horse has, had, or is prone to getting thrush. Hoof Helper contains multiple antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant ingredients such as:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Rosemary

Can I apply Hoof Helper if my horse has extremely dry, crumbling hooves that don’t hold nails well?
Yes! Hoof Helper has been specially formulated to penetrate the hoof wall, and you can apply even if your horse’s hooves are in very bad shape and are having difficulty holding nails. Within a few weeks of daily applications you should notice how much better the hooves look and feel, and how your horse will be throwing fewer shoes.

If my horse has cracks in the hooves can I use Hoof Helper?
Yes, if your horse has Quarter, Toe, Heel or Sand cracks you can supplement your proper nutrition regimen by using Hoof Helper. Visit our testimonials page to see some results that other Hoof Helper users have achieved.

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